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Understanding the Power of the Written Word By Roz Miller Choice a . k . a The Expert Maker ®
The process of daily writing in a diary is being credited as having mental health , physical health and spiritual benefits . How can a little book of scribbled words be so powerful ?
Some have also used the process of writing as a method of healing . I spoke in-depth with Life Coach Rhonda Jennifer on the merits of journaling . She is the author of the NO MORE CRUMBS book series . Her books chronicle her spiritual journey from broken to healed . Journaling was part of her process .
“ I believe that there is something supernatural when you write things down . God already knows our dreams , thoughts and aspirations but there is something different when they are written says Rhonda Jennifer .”
She thinks journaling removes limitations . “ Journaling allows you to dream . It helps you to dream audaciously . Anything that you have been suppressing or wanting to do , journaling is the space where you can let it all out . Write down all of your dreams and aspirations .”
Write the vision , make it plain Hababkuk 2:2
“ I believe that God uses the concept to build our faith . Faith is connected with God . When we write our dreams out , we are actually making a declaration . That ’ s how God can move and take action on our behalf , says Rhonda Jennifer ”
She encourages her clients to adapt journaling as part of a daily routine .
“ I suggest it as a big component for healing and the healing journey . Because with the healing you need that outlet . You need that space where you can really be authentic and no longer pretend or no longer suppress what you are feeling . The journal is the place where you are supposed to express everything . Anger at God , anger at yourself , anger at your victimizers .”
Rhonda says your journal is your judgementfree zone . It ’ s your expressed private heartfelt thoughts . Many people find that journal writing is therapeutic and well as spiritual .
‘ For me journaling is what I use daily . I use it in the morning during my meditation time and time with the Lord . I also use it in the evening before I retire .” She continues “ The journal is a record of my progress on my journey . I witness how the questions I written in the past were being readily answered and the speed of it . That built my faith and my ability to keep going and growing .”
About the Contributor Roz Miller-Choice is an award-winning journalist , TV Host and C . E . O of Écriture Press , a personal branding company . www . theexpertmaker . tv For more information on Author / Life Coach Rhonda Jennifer visit www . RJNoMoreCrumbs . com