Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida July/August 2019 | Page 14

DITCHMEN COVER PHOTO CONTEST You can upload an image to be on the cover of the next Ditchmen issue! Simply fill out the form online and you will be notified via email if your submission has been selected for an upcoming issue. CRITERIA - - - - - Great quality photos must be formatted and sized correctly (see the upload area). Do not include clearly visible face. Photos must be on topic (ditches, digging, excavation, build sites/natural areas, etc.) CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT ENTRY Are You Compliant? Outpak Concrete Washout® unit is designed to be a portable solution for harmful industrial concrete sediment, paint, drywall mud, stucco, and mortar. With the use of Outpak Concrete Washouts, your jobsite will be organized, eco-friendly, and BMP compliant avoiding costly fines. They are designed for a simple and quick set-up in minutes and can remain for the duration of the project. Outpak Concrete Washout is compatible for both mixer, pump trucks and wheel barrows. All-Weather Washout The Outpak All-Weather Washout is designed to stand up to the toughest of environments while maintaining its portability, ease of setup, and cost effectiveness. It is made from heavy-duty, woven polypropylene that shrugs off the worst of climates, but is still lightweight and durable. Additional features include 5 to 1 safety rated lifting straps and attached rain fly. It folds flat for easy storage. The All-Weather Washout is designed to be a portable, EPA-friendly solution for containment of hazardous construction site washout material such as: concrete sediment, paint, drywall mud, stucco, and mortar. 4’ x 4’ x 14”h All-Weather Washout 0.68 cu. yds. / 140 US Gallons 38 lbs. 6’ x 6’ x 12”h All-Weather Washout 1.33 cu. yds. / 260 US Gallons 24 lbs. Distributed By: R. H. Moore Soil Stabilization & Associates Toll Free: (800) 330-2333 www.rhmooreassociates.com l 12 DITCHMEN • JULY/AUG 2019 Erosion Control l Fax: (813) 985-4533 [email protected]