Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida Ditchmen - March 2020 - Page 6

Try to meet with your congressional representative. Call your representative’s office to schedule a meeting, whether you are in the district or on a sightseeing trip to DC Use the opportunity to build a good relationship while discussing your questions, concerns or ideas so that you can contact them again to talk about important issues. NEVER PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF. State Legislators: Meet them during Legislative Session. During the State Legislative Session, legislators love to meet with constituents from back home rather than lobbyists. Request a quick meeting or pop-in to say hi. Also, participate in NUCA FL’s annual Legislative Days each year. This is your opportunity to speak as a united voice about our industry. Your will hear from influential elected officials from throughout the state as well having the opportunity to meet with your legislators in their offices. The power of numbers is greatly influential. a nice phone call or meet up for coffee, so you can get to know your legislator and they can get to know you. Check how they voted on the issues that mattered you. The state legislative website, www.leg.state.us, is a great resource for finding out about bills that are requested, debated, passed or failed, and funded. NEVER PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Local Government: Find out who your local government officials are.. Many people do not know who their government officials are or where their local government meets or how to reach them. Do a simple search online or use https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials to find links to websites for almost any elected office in the country. Learn the best way to contact your city or county council. Local regulations and ordinances are passed by city and county governments as well. Via websites or by calling your local city or county council’s See them at home. After Session, your general number, you can find out how to state legislators return to their daily lives as contact your elected officials. You can also doctors, lawyers, ranchers and so on, and call their offices and ask them if they prefer have more availability to hear from their constituents about your questions, concerns calls or emails from constituents on specific and offerings of helpful information, personal issues (all cities are different). Ask how you can participate in the legislative process stories and data about issues that matter by adding agenda items to city council to you. At your local business or social club meetings, attending meetings and speaking meetings, don’t pass up the opportunity to up before the council. walk up and introduce yourself. They won’t bite. Reach out to your legislators and have 4 DITCHMEN • MARCH 2020