Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida Ditchmen - March 2020 - Page 10

LEADERSHIP 8 Q&A WITH TONY ZEBOUNI DITCHMEN • MARCH 2020 Briefly tell us about your professional background. Zebouni: Initially, an analytical chemist and certified marine chemist prior to entry to law school. I practiced in many areas of law including criminal law, family law, juvenile law, personal injury and commercial law/litigation with an emphasis on construction law since 1988.I have been a certified AAA Construction Arbitrator for over 20 years and practiced as a civil mediator. Why you are in the underground utility business and how did you get started? Zebouni: I worked closely with Jacksonville Public Utilities Department and with JEA for over 18 years and became acquainted with NUCA is 2006 after my retirement from the Jacksonville Office of General Counsel. My involvement with JEA/Public Utilities included contract drafting, procedures drafting and review,