Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida Ditchmen • April 2017 - Page 31

JOHNSON-DAVIS CONSTRUCTION Joins New Project By: Robson Lima, Project Manager Near the southern end of our geographic work area, Johnson-Davis was awarded a contract to be part of the design-build team rebuilding two miles of the SR7 urban corridor between Filmore Street and Stirling Road in Hollywood, FL. The project includes approximately 17,300 linear feet of drainage, 14,000 linear feet of new watermain, 9,700 linear feet of new sanitary sewer, and 5,000 linear feet of new force main. This SR7 work includes challenges of a very busy urban area, many existing underground utilities, and sits in an area with a mixture of rocky and sandy soils and high water table. The project also represents a great underground utilities improvement for the City of Hollywood where the sewer will be installed at lower elevation, 18” to 48” drainage pipe over it, and watermain over drainage. Excavations range from three to 18 feet below grade with dewatering drawdown up to 8 feet. In addition, the project will be built in three separate phases. Phase 1 is the widening of the road to the east with the new recently acquired Right of Way by the FDOT. Phase 2 is the median work where the new deep sanitary sewer will be installed, and Phase 3 includes reconstruction of the southbound area. Phase 1 work started in March 2016 with the construction of a quadruple 36 inch pipe crossing Farragut Street. This equalizes the water between two ponds that collect the drainage water from Taft Street to the north end of the project – roughly two- thirds of the project drainage. Johnson-Davis continues to work on drainage trunkline, watermain, and sewer in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Since March 2016, Johnson Davis has installed over 98 structures, 9,700 linear feet of drainage pipe, 3,200 linear feet of sewer pipe, and over 4,800 linear feet of pressure pipe. There is still much more work to do and J-D is looking forward to continue to build this challenging project that can certainly provide steady work for our crews. Our company extends its gratitude to all involved in the project this far, and let’s keep up the good work. • • • APRIL 2017 • DITCHMEN 31