Distortion LTD Issue 012 - Page 48

Jam pedals 48 T delay llama+ he JAM Pedals Delay Llama is something of a classic as far as modern analog delays are concerned. Available in a few different iterations, it seeks to mimic the sound and response of a tape delay with bucket-brigade circuitry. The Delay Llama+ deviates from the basic layout of the original with the addition of an expression pedal jack (which must be used with the JAM Pedals expression pedal), and a Hold switch for summoning infinite oscillation. I found that its character sort of splits the difference between the crisper repeats of a good Echoplex, and the murkier repeats of something like a Boss DM-2. It hits the sweet spot in many ways, and it’s definitely a pedal you can get lost in for awhile. The slapback sound is among the most warmly enveloping I have heard—highly recommended.