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Professional Cleaning Services in Sweden Professional cleaning services have become a great convenience for most of the houses and companies in the present . This is due to the increased workload that someone has to do and the booming of professional cleaning service providers . It should be noted that we provide services from top to bottom in order to fulfill the different cleaning requirements of different clients . A cleaning lady would be arranged to your house or company in order to clean the place with great expertise . These cleaning ladies are well trained to work smoothly and have the ability to adjust to any type of working environment . Display cleaning (“ visningsstädning ”) is a very sensitive service area which involves quite a bit of risk and uncertainty . But we ’ ll make sure that your displays are being cleaned to perfection with no damages at all . Our cleaners will be provided with an advanced liquid which could prevent causing damages to any type of display . It should be noted that we have years of experience in this field of professional cleaning services and we are working on improving our service extensions . Get your house or company cleaned by a professional cleaner with vast experience and at an affordable price range . House cleaning (“ hemstädning ”) is a great business opportunity in the modern business context . This is because of the trend that both the husband and wife working and in the process limited time left for cleaning . So it would be easy for them to get hold of a Sweden cleaning company and recruit a cleaning lady (“ städhjälp ”) to do all the cleaning . It is always good to get the service of a professional cleaning agent since they have recruited well-trained cleaners and it could be done without much hassle . We operate based in Switzerland and cleaning Stockholm (“ städning Stockholm ”) is our ultimate objective . We have a great corporate customer base . Sweden cleaning companies (“ städföretag ”) is one major service sector of ours , where we have been able to develop great reputation over the years through the quality service we provide . We first analyze the size of the complex and then assign a certain number of cleaners based on the floor space and number of floors . We have the ability to clean and manage quite a lot companies at the same time due to our large employee base . Our cleaners put great effort to deliver the best service service one could ever experience and they exactly know that the client is expecting from them .