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EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES Professor Aaron Thompson teaching a sociology class .
Aaron Thompson more successful .
His goals include getting more Kentucky students and adults to attend college or technical school : “ Everybody should get a postsecondary credential that matters .”
“ I ’ m at a place now where I will think about what it means to finish out my career in this current position ,” Thompson said when asked about his vision of the future . “ At that point in time , I see myself as consulting , helping other entities … Writing more books … Doing more research . I will never see myself retiring . That ’ s just not who I am . I may retire from this job , but I will never retire from this profession .”
Thompson said education will always be on the forefront of his mind — as it was so long ago as a poor kid from Appalachia .
“ The only thing on the forefront of my future is seeing my kids and grandkids grow up to be good and healthy people ,” Thompson said . “ And to continue doing what I do around education because it is so important to me . Until the day I die . I can ’ t imagine doing anything but that .”
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