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Taylor Six

February is Black History Month , a national designation that began four decades ago and has given schools and communities opportunities for learning ever since .
This designation presents opportunities to shed light and perspective on those times and on the continuing struggles for civil rights .
While working on this magazine , I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with local historians whose knowledge of Madison County ’ s history led to many interesting conversations and quite a few ideas for these pages and future stories . Suffice to say , I learned a lot . What struck me most was the understanding that history is happening now . We have locals in our community , at this moment , who are continuing to break down barriers , while also making a difference for others . While this issue of Madison Magazine does include a bit of the past , we also wanted to look to the future .
It ’ s why we are sharing the stories of people like President of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education , Aaron Thompson , who defied the odds to rise through the ranks of higher education , or Eastern Kentucky University SGA President Eyouel Mekonnen who has held fast to the convictions of his youth and is using his experience to help other students succeed . Sharyn Mitchell gives insight into the sometimes frustrating work of the African American Genealogy Group of Kentucky and the importance of sharing history with others .
New murals in Madison County , like the one which graces the cover of this magazine , are doing just that by inspiring the community to learn about the past , while also beautifying our spaces . It is history that should be shared . The fact that there have been generations of ignorance and prejudice placed against an entire people is cause enough to continually familiarize ourselves with the African-American experience . After all , Black history is America ’ s and Madison County ’ s history as well . By understanding the past , it can assist us in comprehending the present , while also shaping the future , both nationally and locally . Information and knowledge can bring understanding . In turn , we can hope that understanding leads to tolerance , acceptance and equity for all .
With immense gratitude , I would also like to note the contributions of several community members who helped make this magazine possible . My deepest thanks to Martina Jackson , Donald Glover , Anthony Phelps , Sr ., and local historians Andrew Baskin , Dr . Jackie Burnside and Sharyn Mitchell , for their impactful conversations , ideas , and guidance as we put this issue together .

Ricki Pryor

Taylor Six is a graduate from Eastern Kentucky University and the government reporter for The Register . In her free time , she enjoys reading about Kentucky history , trying new places to eat and cheering on the KY Wildcats with her friends and family . Taylor lives locally in Richmond .
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Destinee Ott

Destinee Ott is the education reporter for the Richmond Register . She graduated from EKU with a BA in Journalism in May of 2018 . Destinee owns horses and in her free time enjoys reading Stephen King novels , painting with oil pastels , and taking photographs .
dott @ richmondregister . com
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