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Marvin McAllister
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Friends of Maple Grove
Your title : Judy Greene-Baker , President of Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery , INC . Years in current job : For the past two years I led a small group of dedicated individuals that have banded together as a non-profit corporation , to provide for the care and maintenance of the Maple Grove Cemetery .
Biggest challenge in your industry ?
Our biggest challenges are : Updating the cemetery records – there are over 1700 graves that are marked with stones but many graves are unmarked , we are almost finished cataloging the names and hope to obtain the use of a Ground Penetrating Radar to locate unmarked graves in the future . Fundraising efforts – Fundraising to provide for ongoing and perpetual care of the cemetery stones and grounds – annual mowing expenses must be paid before any additional work can be completed . Many stones require lifting and solid base structures to ensure their stability . This work is done on per stone basis . Over time , many of the graves have sunken and require fill dirt . So far , seven loads of dirt have been added to sunken areas and at least five more loads are needed . Bobcat rental and seeds are also required to complete this process . The road through the cemetery is in need of frequent maintenance because it is not paved . Fundraising for future projects – We are working to bring our vision for the cemetery to fruition . We hope to find sponsors and supporters to help . First , we want to complete the restoration of the stones , road and grounds , then establish the perpetual fund , followed by adding historical / informative markers to our driveway to create a historical driving tour and finally to work with the National Memorial for Peace and Justice to erect a public marker .
What is the best part of working in Madison County ? We have found there are many organizations / businesses / and friends that are understanding of our efforts and goals for the cemetery . Just to name a few examples : Our grass cutting service keeps the cost as low as possible ; The Madison County Historical Society made a generous donation to repair Veteran Headstones ; The Richmond City donated dirt to fill in sinking graves ; The county provided assistance in clearing brush from around the fence ; A friend paid the attorney fees to create the non-profit organization , A local fence company provided a lower repair estimate because the motorist did not have insurance ; Madison County African American Veteran Group and community members who helped with cleanup days ; a CPA donated time to help with IRS requirements and the board members who have worked tirelessly , free of charge , to make the improvements completed thus far . We are so grateful to all of these generous people and agencies .
Anything else you would like to add ? If you would like more information or assist in the ongoing efforts of the non-profit please call Judy at 859-314-2720 or email judygreenebaker @ yahoo . com To make a donation please make checks to : The Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery , INC 348 Highland Lakes Drive Richmond , KY 40475
Marvin McAllister
What is your title / business ? Marvin McAllister , owner and operator of 757 Dawg Pound and Catering . Years in your industry : 20 years of restaurant experience from fast casual to fine dining .
Why did you start you business ? This business came about because I originally wanted a food truck , but the cost to get one was above my means . My father discussed with me a hot dog cart and about three-years-ago I started looking at getting a hot dog cart . I follow a guy named Ben who has Ben ’ s Carts in Tennessee . I watched his YouTube videos and learned the business , so by the time I purchased my cart and opened up on May 23 , of 2020 I had success basically mapped out .
Biggest challenge in your industry ? Overbooking and stretching yourself too thin . I keep my appointment book open when I ’ m talking with the client to help prevent that . Quite a few of my fellow vendors are booked , often months in advance , and that is due to people knowing their business and what kind of service they ’ re going to get and the quality of what they ’ re going to present to the customers .
What is the best part of working in Madison County ? The customers . The people are great and we ’ ve built a following . Due to that following , we ’ ve been invited to neighborhoods businesses and we ’ ve also done special events such as an adoption celebration and we fed the employees at Sherwin-Williams . Working in Madison County , I ’ ve discovered areas of Madison County that I did not know existed .
Anything else you would like to add ? This year we will be have an unrestricted license and a home base license so we will be able to make those cream cheese pound cakes , as I know quite a few of my customers enjoyed that by the slice and I did have a few order them whole . So now I ’ m going to make many size ones available for sale wherever I ’ m at in Madison County . The unrestricted license is going to allow us to cater , and we ’ re going to have barbecue , turkey , and pork by the pound . We did a test run last year of our seafood and this year we ’ re going to roll that seafood out and we ’ re going to add chicken tenders . For those of you who got to enjoy the seafood last year we ’ re doing the same way with the fresh breading cook the order and that goes for the chicken also . We ’ re going to be using chicken tenders so you ’ ll be able to get a chicken tender sandwich with lettuce and tomato that ’ ll also be available in the combo and you ’ ll be able to get the Ridley platter XL where we ’ re going to add two chicken tenders to the fish shrimp and fries for an additional cost . To make it easier , we ’ re going to limit our drinks this year to water , tea , and lemonade I ’ m actually going to be making tea and lemonade and we will bottling it ourselves in 16 oz bottles .
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