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How helping others helps you

Personal growth is at the heart of many New Year ’ s resolutions . Few paths to positive personal growth are more noble than resolving to help others through increased acts of generosity and kindness .
According to Psychology Today , doing good for others , no matter how big or small the deed , feels good but also provides reciprocal benefits . The link between volunteering and lower rates of depression has been well-documented , and there is neural evidence from MRI studies suggesting a link between being generous and signs of happiness in the brain . The following are several ways to improve oneself by being more mindful of others .
• Be aware of social issues . Read your local newspaper to stay up-to-date on the pulse of your community as well as the world . Educate yourself about current issues that are affecting people from all walks of life . Understanding the needs or plights of others may boost your willingness to get involved with nonprofit organizations . It also may make you more empathetic and compassionate toward other
Baking is a beloved tradition in many families . Though family baking sessions tend to be especially popular during the holiday season , there ’ s nothing stopping families from breaking out the flour and having some fun in the kitchen at any time of year . Fun is the focus when families bake together , and the following are some ways to make such sessions enjoyable for everyone .
• Encourage input . The designated family baker may have a host of go-to recipes up his or her sleeve , and baking such specialties might be a necessity on birthdays or during the holiday season . But all baking sessions need not be beholden to family favorites . Encourage all family members to recommend recipes prior to family baking sessions , even allowing a different person to people .
• Volunteer at a charity . Find a charitable group with which you can volunteer your time . This is a great way to support a cause you believe in and makes it possible for you to collaborate with others who are like-minded , potentially helping you make new friends .
• Learn a new language . North America is a melting pot that ’ s home to people from many different parts of the world . Learning a new language may facilitate interactions with fellow community members who might not speak English as a first language .
• Help someone you know . It ’ s commendable to want to assist a charity or a global cause , but what about people close to you who may need a boost ? Whether you ’ re lugging boxes to help a friend move or babysitting a niece or nephew so their parents can enjoy a much-needed night out , when you help someone , those good deeds will return to you in time .
When making resolutions , people should
choose the recipe each time . This can make the whole family enthusiastic about baking together and may even help families discover some new foods .
• Remember that patience is a virtue . Family baking sessions require patience , especially when young children are involved . Kids ’ attention spans may wane or they may grow upset if they spill some ingredients . Remain patient at such times and let kids know making a mess is part of the fun of baking together .
• Simplify sessions as necessary . Baking with toddlers and school-aged youngsters is going to be different than doing so alongside preteens and adolescents . In addition , consider kids ’ maturity levels when planning family baking sessions , as some youngsters might be more than capable of following more challenging
consider goals that involve helping others . While this assistance can benefit the people who are on the receiving end of the care and attention , those who are giving of themselves also reap considerable rewards .

Keep the focus on fun during family baking sessions

recipes . Making sure kids are given age-appropriate tasks or jobs on par with their maturity levels is a great way to keep sessions fun and prevent frustration .
• Share the baking bounty . Let everyone indulge a little during the baking session . If you plan on making cookies , don ’ t hesitate to let everyone snack on a few chocolate chips while preparing the cookies . And once the bounty is done baking and it ’ s ready to eat , share it with family , friends and neighbors . Kids will be proud of their creations and want to share them , and that will ensure they ’ re excited about the next family baking session .
When baking with the family , keep the focus on fun so everyone has a great time while baking some tasty treats .


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