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Tuskegee airman Frank Douglas Walker as painted by SquarePegs Studio and Design . BELOW : Nurse and educator Mary Merritt as painted by Jaylin Stewart .
Fletcher presented Kentucky Colonel commissions to Walker and four Medal of Honor recipients at the Kentucky Veterans Welcome Home Celebration at Battlefield Park .
Walker also traveled to Washington , D . C . in 2007 , where President George W . Bush saluted Tuskegee Airmen ’ s service collectively in a Capitol Rotunda ceremony .
The Tuskegee airman also has a street named after him in downtown Richmond .
Ruthie Maslin , director of the county library , said she did not know of Walker ’ s particular service before the design and plans came across her desk .
“ I was not aware of Mr . Walker specifically , but I was aware that Richmond had several members of the Tuskegee Airmen in WWII . Recently , I was honored to meet Mr . Walker ’ s son , Charles Walker — it was great to have an opportunity to meet him and talk with him ,” she said .
A fan of public art herself , Maslin stated this mural — as well as others
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