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Soon thereafter they landed in Tubac and opened a custom frame shop, which they both had experi- ence in. Fast forward to 2015: a wild notion took them to Sedona, Ari- zona, where they opened a short- lived gallery and framing shop. But that business brought them together with Bob Sahd, owner of the entire RC Gorman estate and all his work. Serendipity. from highly successful 30-year careers to devote themselves to their art. Ali was a director/ negotiator for large government contracts working on projects like the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, NASA Space Station, and others. John was coming out of a career in advertising in Ohio, had loaded up his car with few possessions, his art and tools and headed to Las Cruces determined to get his art in a gallery. After meeting Ali it all changed. The place to meet, greet and eat in Tubac for the past 15 years! They clicked, Bob needed his Gor- man pieces framed and fast. They struck a deal and spent the next six weeks framing 300 RC Gorman pieces—all different sizes—sleep- ing in their frame shop/gallery, and exhausted. They pulled it off somehow and that solidified the partnership with Bob Sahd. Today they do all the framing for the RC Gorman galleries in their Tubac gallery and are the only partners that Bob works with. “He wouldn’t have taken us as part- ners if he didn’t like our art and our business background,” assures Ali. The partnership is flourishing with plans to open more RC Gor- man galleries, possibly in Texas and other locales. “I will be work- ing with Bob to expand and set-up the new galleries which will help to expose our work too,” says Ali. It is a truism that the frame can make or break a piece of art. The Schooleys are dedicated to making artwork displayed in the very best light. They’ll even hang the art free of charge, tapping into Ali’s talent as an interior designer with her special eye for detail. Take a stroll through the gallery and maybe serendipity will grace you too! Serving breakfast & lunch including full expresso bar, coffee, scratch-made pastries and pies, juice and smoothie bar, hot and cold deli sandwiches featuring Boar's Head brand meats and cheeses. 6 Plaza Road • 520-398-3330 Menu at: Open daily 6:30 am - 5 pm La Entrada de Tubac = 15