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Meet folks who breathe life and love into Tubac's lively f ine arts scene The Gallery Makers Tubac is celebrated for its charming clus- tering of premiere galleries in a rare village setting. For a town known for its devotion to the arts, the gallery owner plays a vital role in divining, selecting and present- ing a diverse and vibrant array of artistic expressions to the public. They provide a doorway for emerging artists, new art- forms, and a place where seasoned artists can be assured that collectors and visitors alike return year after year. So what makes gallery owners tick? A few of La Entrada’s gallery owners are profiled here, offering a glimpse into their dreams, motivations and tenacity that brings the arts in Tubac to life. 4 = La Entrada de Tubac Bob & Nancy Brown ........................................... Big Horn Gallery No doubt creating a successful art gallery demands a lot of people skills and business acumen. And it helps if owners are art collec- tors themselves to keep their passion alive. But if running one gallery isn’t enough, try two, 900 miles apart. Introducing Bob and Nancy Brown of Big Horn Galleries who have worked out a win- ning formula in their Tu- bac and Cody, Wyoming locations, representing some of the finest names in Western art today. For the Browns their deep dive into the gal- lery business began in Cody more than four decades ago, eventually founding the Big Horn Gallery which quickly gained a reputation as one of the premiere traditional Western art galleries in the country. Why a gallery in Tubac, then? Wyoming winters were slow season for the art business, so it seemed only natural to consider warmer climes and establish a gallery that would keep art sales going year-round. Their search began just after 2000. “We believed that if you if you have several galleries in one location, then all the galleries benefit,” recalls Bob. So after passing on Scottsdale and Tucson, they decided to visit Tu- bac. “We loved it! Tubac was a very unique arts community, and we felt we could establish our own identity there.” In 2001 they bought a build- ing nestled in a semi- residential part of town and established the Big Horn Gallery, Tubac.