Diinsider Financial Statement 2017 Diinsider Financial Statement 2017 - Page 7

DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION INSIDER (DIINSIDER) AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2017 1. Organization and Nature of Activities Development Innovation Insider (Diinsider) is a social enterprise (legal status: limited company by shares) incorporated in China with operations in multiple countries. Diinsider’s mission is to improve quality of lives for the underserved population through content generations, research and global partnerships. We have the following services available that are generating revenues. 1) Diinsider Insights: Diinsider‘s Insights program is established to apply Diinsider's in- depth understanding of social impact in emerging countries to decision-making of public and private sector. We have served UN agencies, government agencies, public foundations, social innovators and multinational companies in multiple countries. 2) Diinsider Productions: Diinsider Productions is the media. arm of Diinsider, aiming to produce extra-ordinary stories on people, product innovation, services, and. empowering acts that directly. impact the grassroots. We brainstorm, produce, and even distribute videos that accelerate branding and marketing for excellent initiatives that are serving the lower income population. 3) Diinsider membership: a membership service that assists emerging donors (such as China) to learn the best practice of social development issues in emerging countries. It is a special part of Diinsider Insights. 2. Summary of significant accounting policies 1) Cash and cash equivalents Cash is defined as cash in demand deposit, savings and money market accounts as well as cash on hand. Cash equivalents are short term, highly liquid investments that are readily convertible and known amounts of cash and investments so near their maturity date that the risk of changes in value due to changes in interest rates is negligible. These are generally investments with original maturity dates within three months of the acquisition date. 2) Loans receivable Loans receivable consist of receivables from individuals and institutions that are readily committed to Diinsider whenever necessary for extra funding. 3) Pledges Receivable Pledges receivable consist of receivables of revenues/investments that are pledged and committed to Diinsider’s activities within the next one-year period. 4) Fix assets, net Fixed assets are recorded at cost or, if donated, at estimated fair value at the date of donation. The cost of additions and betterments are capitalized, while expenditures for maintenance and repairs are charged to expense as incurred. 5) Trade and other payables 7