DigiTech Magazine - US Summer 2017 - Page 5

HTC Vive’s TPCast Release date late 2017 Starting at $250 USD Misfit Vapor Release date Summer 2017 Starting at $199 USD Sevenhugs Smart Remote Now accepting pre-orders for Aug. 2017 Starting at $229 USD VR was on the up and up in 2016, and it has been steadily changing the gaming experience as it has become more accessible to consumers. One of the biggest complaints of the popular HTC Vive was the wire: although the VR headset could take users to another world, they were still tied down. The TPCast is a wireless add-on that brings you one step closer to VR freedom in your own living room. There’s no doubt that this one is a game changer that’s bringing true escapism within reach. Just when you think you’ve seen enough smartwatches, the Misfit Vapor calmly steps into the room. These watches are beautiful to look at, with a coveted round face that appeals to many who were put off by the aesthetics of the Apple Watch. It’s not just a looker though: Misfit Vapor isn’t reliant on your smartphone to operate; instead it features built-in GPS and a standalone wireless music player. The device also comes with a full array of apps (including heart rate tracker, weather, activity goals, etc.). The Sevenhugs Smart Remote describes itself as the first remote for everything. It’s the only controller you’ll need. A comparison to Harry Potter’s wand isn’t off base: Just point the smart remote at any device in your home and it will instantly adapt and allow you to control it. Whether it’s your TV, speakers, thermostat, lights or smart hub, you’ll discover that this remote is compati ble with more than 25,000 devices. It even comes with a ringer, so the answer to “Honey, where’s the remote?” has never been simpler. LeEco smart bikes Release date late 2017 Price TBA Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler Now accepting pre-orders, date TBA Starting at $999 USD WHILL Available now Starting at $12,499 USD, without insurance A busy road is no place to be messing with your smartphone. Cyclists who are distracted by a screen as they sort out their workout route or track their fitness goals are endangering themselves and others. Don’t worry, though: LeEco smart bikes let you turn your focus back to the road. They have a built-in four-inch touch screen with awesome features including navigation, a speedometer, a compass, music, performance tracking—even a way to communicate with other cyclists through a built-in walkie-talkie. The average American family produces a whopping 3.5 kg of household food waste per week. The Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler aims to keep that gunk out of the landfill by converting food waste into ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer. The device, which is shaped like a tall trashcan, fits just under your counter and uses oxygen, moisture, heat, a plant-based additive and an agitator to speed decomposition of food scraps, reducing its volume by two- thirds within 24 hours. It’s good for your community and good for the world. If you’re a mobility device user, a narrow doorway or fallen branch can really disrupt your plans. But never fear, WHILL is here! WHILL’s combination of smart design and advanced technology takes personal mobility to the next level. An extremely responsive mouse controller allows you to accelerate smoothly and turn on a dime, and electromagnetic brakes stop safely, even on an incline. There’s a prescription version and a consumer model, and I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be a life changer. DIGITECH Magazine Summer 2017 5