DigiTech Magazine - US Summer 2017 - Page 4

T TECHfocus By Paul Welty For people like me, technology is a way of life. New tools and gadgets get my heart racing, and I’ll happily admit to being an early adopter. But as both a consumer and a professional, I’m careful to not buy into technology simply for the sake of technology. Technology is a tool to enhance the human experience for the future. That means I’m always on the lookout for products and services that impact productivity, lifestyle, happiness, convenience, and health—those that have the potential to move our lives in a new direction. 4 COWAROBOT Suitcase Available now $699 USD Hover Camera Available now $599 USD Olly the Robot Release date late 2017 Price TBA Wish traveling was easier? The COWAROBOT suitcase is guaranteed to bring out the lazy traveler in all of us. Armed with a 3G SIM card, this “autonomous smart suitcase” will follow you dutifully around the airport—no pulling required. Two built-in detection and avoidance systems help it glide alongside you while steering clear of anything that gets in the way. You can stop worrying about lost luggage and get more out of traveling with a free hand. Ever thought that you should really be followed around by a film crew? Or that the arm on the edge of your selfies gives the game away? Enter the Hover Camera: A toss into the air activates the device and starts your modeling session. Described as “your foldable, self-flying personal photographer,” this tiny drone uses face detection to fly in close to the user. It can snap 13Mpx photo, 4k videos and 30 frames per second— and works with Android and iPhones. Move over Alexa—Olly is the new robot in town. With four CES awards, he’s definitely the one to watch this year. This AI-powered personal assistant can respond to your questions and control your smart devices, just as a home hub does. And since he was designed by a group of neuroscience and machine learning experts, he brings so much more. The robot’s personality evolves based your own interaction patterns, making each one completely unique to you—a shiny new best friend. Smartmat Release date TBA Starting at $297 USD Perseus Smart Mirror Now accepting pre-orders for Fall 2017 Starting at $249 USD Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Available now Starting at $3,499 USD If you’ve ever gone to a yoga class, you may have found that a packed room full of bendy people can get in the way of personal coaching. Who would tell you if you’re doing it all wrong? The Smartmat is an intelligent yoga mat that uses smart sensor technology to let you know when you’re not aligned or balanced properly. You can even use the data to track your improvement over time via your smartphone. If you want to get ditch the yoga teacher altogether, Smartmat has classes available for download. Mirror, mirror, on the wall—who’s the smartest of them all? Perseus smart mirror, of course! Whether you’re brushing your teeth in the morning or dolling up for an evening out, there’s no need to waste those minutes. Perseus smart mirrors display information from your smartphone. The voice-controlled system updates you on your commute, checks the weather and even shows makeup tutorials. You can customize this mirror with apps and widgets, ensuring that it “reflects” your personality. Another winner at CES 2017, the Sleep Number 360 smart bed is a bed like you’ve never imagined. The surface senses your movements and automatically adjusts firmness and comfort to make sure you’re supported just right. A prewarming feature heats things up before you crawl under the sheets to protect your chilly feet for a great night’s sleep. Best of all, this bed senses the moment your partner starts snoring and gently raises that side of the bed to keep your partner from sawing logs. Where do we sign up? DIGITECH Magazine Summer 2017