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BEN’S BOOKS THE DIGITAL MATRIX - NEW RULES FOR BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION THROUGH TECHNOLOGY BY VENKAT VENKATRAMAN Venkat Venkatraman is a Jr. Professor of 30-year career on studying industries and Management and Department Chair at business systems transformed by digital the Boston University Questrom School of technologies. Business. His work lies at the intersection between strategic management and This is an easy to follow rule book, utilizing information technology, with a focus on how compelling case studies to illustrate how companies position to win in a network era. His legacy companies can succeed by developing latest book, The Digital Matrix promises to be new business models around digital an “easy to follow rule book for every business technology, as well as developing strategic leader whose sights are set on survival today, relationships with entrepreneurs and digital and success in years to come.” But does it get giants. Ben’s stamp of approval? What Ben says: What the publisher says: This is the book I hope the CEOs at my clients Most CEOs just don’t know how to respond to are reading. It provides a great framework for the opportunities and threats that confront discussions at the board level around digital them, from AI to wearable tech to the readily strategy, looking outward not inward, plus available real-time data from customers. it’s full of great examples of the moves an incumbent company can make to stay relevant The Digital Matrix: New Rules for Business or reinvent itself. It takes a bit of getting into Transformation Through Technology has at the start, but stick with it and you will be the answers they need. Author Venkat rewarded with the ability to see patterns and Venkatraman is a Boston University professor, make sense of them in the chaos of digital researcher, and consultant who has built his disruption. THE DEVOPS HANDBOOK BY GENE KIM Gene Kim is an American entrepreneur, What Ben says: researcher, and author focused on IT I’ve been privileged to work with the four operations, information security, and, DevOps. luminaries who co-authored this book and His latest book, The DevOps Handbook is ironically it wasn’t an agile process at all, they available now. Here’s the North Highland took several years! The result is definitely a lowdown on Gene’s latest read. big-bang. You don’t need to read The Phoenix Project (another of Gene Kim’s works) first What the publishers say: but I’d recommend it as it’s a great easy read High-performing organizations are 2.5 times (takes about 12 hours) and sets the scene more likely to exceed profitability, market beautifully. The DevOps Handbook isn’t a share, and productivity goals. novel, it’s a bible. Parts I & II introduce the concepts and explain the benefits well enoug h The DevOps handbook shows leaders how to to convince any skeptic and then parts III-V create the cultural norms and the technical give a detailed “how-to” guide full of practical practices that will help technology leaders to examples. I recommend this book for every IT maximize organizational learning, improve leader who wants to modernize their working employee engagement, and advance your practices, their technology, and their culture. position in the marketplace. DIGITECH Magazine Summer 2017 3