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welcome to CONTENTS 03 04 06 08 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 DIGITECH In this time of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology and digital BEN’S BOOKS leaders wield unprecedented influence. Their capabilities and the tools they employ enable transformation at a speed and cost TECH FOCUS efficiency never before seen. Today, tech and digital leaders are uniquely positioned to not only redefine THE CHANGING ROLE OF THE CIO industries but also invent entirely new ones. Like never before, they are positioned to significantly impact not only their individual businesses BREAKING FREE OF THE “IF IT AIN’T BROKE” IT MODEL ROBOTS NEED PEOPLE DIGITAL BEYOND TECHNOLOGY WITH APPS, FOCUS ON “GOOD ENOUGH NOW”, NOT “PERFECT” LATER but also how the world works as a whole. DigiTech Magazine is designed to fuel that influence. We tap into North Highland’s own great tech and digital minds to create content that reveals opportunities and solves for common challenges, and fosters a community for fellow industry leaders. We aim to raise questions, spark dialogue, and entertain the leaders we believe will most significantly effect the future of work. EASIER IT WITH INTENTIONAL DESIGN Here’s what you’ll find inside: • Q&A on the future role of the CIO with author and one of the world’s most influential CIOs Mark Schwartz. • A robot-meets-human love story. Robots are not a replacement for people; robots support people and vice versa. We provide a framework that empowers your people and produces better, more impactful AI. • A call to be OK with “good enough” now, not “perfect” later. If you wait for proof, you’ll miss your window in app development. We outline an approach that involves releasing a solution based on best hypotheses and then driving continuous improvement. • A reminder that digital transformation doesn’t start or end with technology. We provide four key steps to engage employees in ways that foster sustainable digital transformation. I have spent the last 20+ years working with organizations to build IT capabilities and strategically embed digitization into operating models and C-suite priorities. Advancements that make businesses stronger and allow them to run faster are cropping up at an exponential rate. In turn, the job of tech and digital leaders has gotten more complex... and grown THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO GOING DIGITAL more important. I hope DigiTech NINE THINGS YOU NEED TO GET RIGHT BEFORE TACKLING YOUR DAM SYSTEM like-minded leaders at the helm of APPLYING DEVOPS PRINCIPLES TO APP DEVELOPMENT provides inspiration and, ultimately, connective tissue to a community of today’s business transformation. Ben Grinnell ben.grinnell@northhighland.com Twitter: @Ben_Grinnell Reach out, connect, engage— and enjoy.