DigiTech Magazine - US Summer 2017 - Page 18

THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO GOING DIGITAL By Mike Hill Few people wake up, open their eyes and say “My company should go digital today.” Those that do soon learn that it’s more a process than a flip of the switch. Most organizations are actually well on their way to transitioning to the digital economy, and IT is at the center of these changing business models. The shift to digital puts a lot of pressure on internal IT organizations, which often operate in old world systems and processes that dominate their time. People end up seeing IT as the problem, not part of the solution. Going digital means something different to each organization—it can mean a significant transformation of a business model, execution of new business opportunities that span the digital and physical worlds, or simply the use of a digital solution to slowly but surely implement changes throughout the business. Whatever your end goal, to be successful in this transition requires an adaptive approach to IT. HOW TO GET TO DIGITAL The truth is that many organizations don’t know what going digital should look like. There are also serious barriers to entry: Changing models, accelerating business cycles and tsunamis of data can be crippling. You need to make every bit of 18 DIGITECH Magazine your strategy, delivery and architecture adaptable. You need all three capabilities— adaptable strategy, delivery and architecture—to bring business solutions to life; flaws in one area lead to a total failure to deliver sustainable change. It’s a daunting task, and not for the faint of heart. Summer 2017 To begin your journey towards digitization, focus on the specific drivers and constraints of performance and adaptability. Think of these as something to constantly monitor and improve against.