DigiTech Magazine - US Summer 2017 - Page 17

THE FUTURE: INTENTIONAL DESIGN Increasing tech capabilities brings great proof itself for the long term. In today’s undifferentiated utility, with applications risk along with great opportunity, and rapidly changing tech scene, it needed to broken down into component building even industry giants—Compaq, Borders transform its technology governance. blocks that are easily rearranged. But to do and Blockbuster come readily to mind— In a world with such rapid digital change, this, the architecture needs to be designed can become overconfident or stagnate in optimizing a tech footprint requires an with the big picture in mind. the face of new technology. The financial intentional design process, not the ad services company wanted more than hoc one of yesteryear. Similarly, any simple upgrades; it wanted to future- core computing platform can become an STRATEGY Drive in-year and long-term return on investment. Identify and demonstrate success early on and build from it. Any significant architecture transformation able to move towards in-year returns and value and identifying the qualitative and needs a multi-year plan explaining how continuous change. With intentional design, quantitative metrics needed to demonstrate the initiative will be funded, sustained and projects are built to achieve a larger results. It granted a clear understanding executed. A thoughtful investment strategy outcome, like driving the business in a new of the challenges and opportunities helps organizations know what they want to direction or transforming the tech portfolio that a future-state TOM might face. The have control over and where the money is to effect change. implementation roadmap, supported by a going. Because large-scale transformation flexible investment governance framework often requires substantial investments Senior executives at the financial services ensured clear alignment with the corporate over multiple years, companies must be organization focused on measurable strategy. DELIVERY Use an agile approach to execution. Assess, hypothesize, and pilot quickly so that you can begin executing against performance opportunities in the shortest time possible. The new TOM helped the organization roll Work is made easier by developing a set, just like Airbnb did: The company’s out new capabilities as quickly as possible. product with just enough features to deliver founders realized that platform technology The transformation of the operating a specific, sustainable business service. could create an entirely new business model and technology architecture helped It lets users adapt