DigiTech Magazine - US Summer 2017 - Page 12

DIGITAL BEYOND TECHNOLOGY DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION DOESN’T START OR END WITH TECHNOLOGY By Mike Wilkinson Organizations too often fall into a common trap: They pick shiny new technology and hope the rest will sort itself out. They assume that people will adopt the technology and it will revolutionize how they work, breaking down barriers that have existed for years in the organization. It will be the single largest success in the organization’s history. Simply implementing new technology isn’t going to translate into successful digital transformation. In order to truly get the best out of new technology, whether hardware or software, you must invest time and effort into changing how people interact with each other and with the organization through that technology. You need to prove to them that there is value in using the new technology over the old. But not once have I heard “Thank god for [insert new tech], it worked the first time and solved all my problems.” What’s more, I don’t ever expect to hear it. NON-TECHNOLOGY FACTORS ARE GOING TO DETERMINE WHETHER YOUR TRANSFORMATION STICKS 12 Leaders who realize their organization no longer suffices in this new digital world. transparent. Doing so will allow you to needs to transform must understand that To foster sustainable digital transformation, become more dynamic, collaborative the way of working that got them to where you need employees who are empowered. and disruptive, and major changes they are is not going to take them where You need to enable them to make the right will no longer require constant change they need to go. The command-and-control decisions. You need to help them change management programs. model of management, with employees your culture into one that is ruthlessly serving to implement leaders’ directives, customer-focused, innovative, open and DIGITECH Magazine Summer 2017