DigiTech Magazine - US Summer 2017 - Page 11

Congratulations! Your workplace has A leading telecommunications network used Companies are relying more and more just implemented a human-first digital this strategy when it addressed struggling on digital customer service. They’re also transformation. The bosses borrowed from retention practices in its call centers. Agents transforming logistics and commoditizing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to make this were expected to handle calls outside of their functions that were once specialized. They digital transformation sustainable and area of training, which led to subscription don’t have a choice: To be successful, they successful while still enriching human losses and misuse of special retention offers. must place key employees, leadership lives. They’ve hit all the key steps: Rather than automate the whole process, the and customers at the heart of decision- • Ensuring your comfort and safety company consolidated retention activities and making. Their institutional knowledge • Providing a sense of belonging ran targeted analysis and scenario modeling and experience is important, and there • Building up your esteem based on historical customer behavior. The are many things that robots still can’t • Empowering you to self-actualize resulting technological solution removed do. A major UK grocery chain, for the guesswork and identified the optimal example, realized a game-changing tech The goal is to make this easier for you offer, allowing reps to focus on their primary transformation when it developed an while still improving operations. Clearly, responsibility—providing quality customer actionable plan by leading workshops it’s working. service. with team members and conducting At the outset, making robotization more Considering the human factor is the only way employees. The employees’ insights were human seems like an unnecessary to deliver sustainable digital transformation. invaluable, and skipping that step would complication to an already circuitous Digitization is not an IT issue; rather, it’s have been a drag on productivity and profits journey. In fact, delivering a digital a very human one, requiring a new way of for years to come. transformation through a human-first working. It helps someone in accounting viewpoint makes decision-making easier. work with HR, R&D, and Purchasing by In the future, all of us might be replaced by The bosses didn’t just say, “We’ve got X and tearing down traditional company hierarchies robots. For today, however, and as we look Y tech, and we want to implement Z.” They and silos. The entire workforce and customer to the near future, humans are integral looked at what would help their customers base gets to be involved in things like to business and, by default, to digital and employees do their best work and then decision-making and product development. transformation. More technology does not face-to-face interviews with more than 30 found tools that would deliver on that vision. make our role as humans less important. It does, however, redefine it, and it forces companies to be more human in their purview, their decision-making and their SELF ACTUALIZATION ESTEEM long-term forecasting. Taking a human approach to digitization is the difference between doing digital and being digital. Ultimately, being digital is the LOVE & BELONGING only sustainable, successful option. And it turns out that being digital is more human SAFETY than you ever expected. PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS DIGITECH Magazine Summer 2017 11