DigiTech Magazine - US Summer 2017 - Page 10

ROBOTS NEED PEOPLE A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STORY By Owen Greenwood WHILE TECHNICAL IN NATURE, THE SUCCESS OF A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION HINGES ON MEETING HUMAN NEEDS. Imagine you’re an accountant at a major manage so much information. But in this new role in the digitally transforming corporation. You’ve been in the industry transformation, the leadership is providing organization—consistently facilitating, for 15 years, so you’ve seen how much you with training and teachers to help you supporting and delegating responsibility. technology can transform the office. You process, compare and evaluate information (and 65 percent of all knowledge workers) sources. This support is helping you and To your surprise, the new community have a feeling that your job will look your co-workers find direct and simple vibe makes you feel like you have more significantly different five years from now. ways to apply that information in your work control over your work. You’re much more Because of that, the announcement that without getting overwhelmed. autonomous and efficient because you’re management is implementing a digitization 10 able to work when, where and how you and robotization initiative is alarming, but Your company’s efforts go beyond the want. Really, it’s a bit of a boost to your it’s not surprising. You know that it’s good most basic protections. In the past, self-esteem. for the evolution of business, even as you’re competition over funding for departments fully aware that the layering of machines and functions could get nasty. Different In fact, instead of completely replacing your threatens to commoditize people like you. departments worked in different buildings job functions, the digitization automated and under different budgets. The system much of the number crunching and created As digitization begins to take form, has always seemed counterproductive, more space for you to interact with other however, you’re comforted by how because everyone’s tech needs have employees and use empathy, creativity, conscious your company is of staff needs. been pretty much the same. Now, they’re judgement and critical thinking. With the To start with, they’re working hard to keep emphasizing your shared interests and new technology, you feel more motivated to you safe from information overload. The encouraging an environment of belonging. work and engage and exceed your previous accounting department (and any office, Leadership seems confident, and they’re performance. for that matter) can only absorb and doing everything they can to explain your DIGITECH Magazine Summer 2017