Digital Product & Service Solutions Review MTE Rustenburg - 14 July 2020 - Page 6

CustomEx Diesel Rebate Specialists Diesel Rebate Specialists in Mining, Quarrying, Agriculture, Offshore Mining & Vessels, Harbour & Rail. • Is your logging record Sars compliant? • Would you sustain a Sars audit on your rebate record? • Are you actively claiming? Perspective: • Understand compliance • Get support and advice pre & post Sars audits • Have monthly reviews for peace of mind • Current On Land Rebate – R3.49 effective from 1st April 2020 • Contact me for consultation and advisory • Draft amendment legislation was released for public comment earlier this year – find out what changes you can expect to see In recent years, several mines, quarries and farms have been audited by Sars, for their diesel rebate claims and refunds have been disallowed and reversed, because logging records are coming up short. To secure the claims, users need to improve the level of compliant logging and adherence to the rebate legislation. Contact us to perform a “Stress Test” on your current system Our expert support will help you Manage, Document and Deliver Contact Andrew Hancock to Assess & Improve your Compliance Level 1. 20 000 @ 80% - Monthly eligible litres used equates to an annual rebate total exceeding R670 000 cash back. 2. 200 000 monthly litres annually will equate to around R6.4 million in refunds. 3. A negative Sars audit, typically over 24 months would potentially raise a liability exceeding R13 million. Unchallenged, the liability would be immediate. The larger the usage the larger the claim benefit. CONTACT DETAILS Contact Number: +27 82 449 2443 Email: Website: 6