Digital Product & Service Solutions Review MTE Rustenburg - 14 July 2020 | Page 22

SMI Pumps MV Vertical Slurry Pump We are one of the leading centrifugal pump suppliers in South Africa and overseas. To this end, we supply centrifugal pumps intended for different applications. Broadly, this includes clear-water pumps and dredge pumps of various types. Their quality has contributed greatly to our success as a leading pump supplier. Our primary products are centrifugal pumps for several applications. These include sand pumps, dredge pumps, sewage pumps, and clear-water pumps. The MV/MVR heavy duty pump is designed for applications requiring greater reliability and durability. The bearing assembly allows the jump to operate in the “snore” condition without damage to the bearings. It is designed for handling abrasive slurries and corrosive fluids by using either elsatomer or alloy lined wet ends components. The pump is suitable for mining, chemical treatment, wastewater treatment, gravel and general process application. Pump Features GREATER RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY. Typical Application • Wide range of hard metal or rubber wet parts to ensure longer service life • Double suction semi-open impeller, effectively reduces the axial load • No submerged bearing avoids the need for gland or bearing flushing water • Suction pipe or agitator available, which can be used for pumping the high-density slurries under the pit • MVR models feature full rubber covering for corrosion resistance • Can be run in insufficient suction duties • The screened inlets and large impeller passages reduce the risk of blockages • Mill Discharge • Coarse Sand • Tailings • Mineral Concentration • Heavy Media • Coal Washing • Chemical Processing • Effluent Handling • FGD • Wastewater 22 CONTACT DETAILS Contact Number: +27 11 397 5672 Email: [email protected] Website: