Digital Product & Service Solutions Review MTE Rustenburg - 14 July 2020 - Page 10

Lempone Mining is a 100% Black Owned Company managed by professional Women and Men from different companies to ensure effective implementation of Policies, reduction of unemployment through skill transfer, empowerment and quality Conveyor Belt, Splicing and Pulley Lagging. We have a highly qualified and experienced group of members with broad spectrum of theoretical and practical skills which ensures the economic and timeous delivery of quality products projects and services to the satisfaction of the client expectations, and in most cases exceeding these expectations. We hope to become a leading service provider delivering uncompromised standard of High Quality Products (Steel Balls, Conveyor Belts splicing and pulley lagging), exceed our Customer’s and other stakeholders’ expectations through the efficient and effective delivery of products and services that will ensure return business as well as new business. Services • Splicing and pulleys • Pressure pumps Xanthate is used as a collector in flotation process, normally called Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (SIBX). The collector selects valuable minerals and attach them to bubbles created by the frother. This product is called flotation concentrate because it is rich in minerals. Frother is used to create foam and bubbles. 10 Depressant is used to depress unwanted such as Silica and chrome. The depressed material is called tailings. We do not want chrome in the product concentrate. The concentrate is dewatered then dried and sent to the smelter. Chrome forms build up inside furnaces which is difficult to remove and by all means it must be removed before going to smelter. Copper sulphate is used as activator. It activates wanted materials in flotation. • COVID - 19 Sanitisers and equipment • Supplier of steel balls • Supplier of PGM chemicals CONTACT DETAILS Catherine Masemola (MD) Contact Number: +27 72 463 7981 Email: Vongani Mapimele (Pr Tech Eng) Contact Number: +27 72 463 7981