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January 2022 Editor ’ s Letter 07

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On with the show

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Recently , I was asked to host the virtual launch of a cloud-based platform called LIVVE from a green-screen studio in the market town of Godalming . As an editor , I ’ ve done my fair share of on-stage presenting and live interviewing , so how hard could it be to translate those skills into a broadcast studio environment ? Turns out , it ’ s not as easy as it looks . My presenter set-up included two cameras , one of which had an in-built autocue , while a second autocue hung on the wall behind the stool adjacent to my own . For 60-minutes I had to present to the first camera before intermittently swivelling on my stool to face a series of guests who would answer the questions I was reading over their shoulder . If that wasn ’ t hard enough , I also had to remember to stop the first autocue with my handheld clicker each time I swivelled and start the second ( and then vice versa ), whilst ensuring not to ruin the illusion by gesticulating when talking to my guests and thus getting the clicker into shot . At one point you can actually see the fear in my eyes


during the live broadcast as I ’ m not sure whether or not I remembered to stop the autocue when I first turned . For a split-second , I fully expected to turn back , only to find my script had reached the end and I was saying ‘ thank-you and good-night ’ before I ’ d even begun to explore the features on LIVVE .
So hats off to virtual and hybrid hosts everywhere keeping it together during the live show .
I came away with a much better understanding of green-screen studio production and the importance of rehearsals , an advocate for scripting and proud of the fact that I ’ d learned a new broadcast media skill . By the time the Digital Event News Tech Summit came around though , I was happy to get back to interviewing on-stage , without all those cameras and clickers to worry about .
Mike Fletcher Editor Digital Event News
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