Digital Event News January 2022 - Page 31

Why makes Showcase ’ s event platform stand out from the crowd ? Showcase ’ s online platform Event @ can be tailored to be a truly bespoke offering , they worked with LGA to ensure that the platform would do precisely what they wanted it to do and be able to meet all that LGA demanded . The online platform also reflected LGA ’ s branding , a further reason why this platform stands out from the crowd .

How important was on demand at this conference ? Hugely , it was an important part of the brief . LGA was very impressed with the way that Event @ allowed on demand material to be available immediately and viewers did not have the usual wait .
“ The secret to getting a virtual event to work properly is to make sure that everyone feels part of the event . This means treating it as you would a live event , injecting the event with the client ’ s brand & values and utilising the latest technology to communicate the content in the most creative and engaging manner .
On demand is a real benefit of digital , it allows the event to have a longer shelf life , and it should be treated with the same care and attention as the actual virtual event . Don ’ t skimp on this element , treat it as your shop window .” Dave Harding-Lyle , Showcase , Strategic Account Director
How did Showcase provide the post-show analytics ? They employed their own software EVENTalytics , it tracks attendees movement whilst on the event , tracking what people have watched and for how long , as well as giving vital information about the delegates themselves such as geographical location and job role . EVENTalytics then gave the LGA analytics of the data , presented in easy to adsorb reports , top level graphs and tables rather than lines and lines of raw data .
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