Digital Event News January 2022 - Page 30

LGA Conference

Digital event with a human touch

Do you remember when people were saying that digital events , both hybrid and virtual , were going to become redundant once live events came back ? This was based on the opinion that everyone would be clamouring to get back to the buzz and atmosphere created by human beings being in the same venue , a feeling that is impossible to get from digital events .
Well , speak to Showcase and it seems that this is not the case , digital events are here to stay as their clients now realise that if created properly they can be packed with atmosphere and also have extra benefits . Case in point is their recent virtual conference for LGA .
What was the event and why did they opt for virtual ? It was a three-day virtual conference , visited by 1,500 delegates , put on by the Local Government Association , which was streamed from Showcase ’ s studios in St . Ermin ’ s Hotel , London . The client decided to go for virtual due to health and safety concerns , it started as a hybrid event , but then due to Covid , the LGA changed its mind and went for virtual .
Why do you think the client chose to go with Showcase ? It was a competitive tender through the government tender process for procurement . The brief involved providing a platform that would act as a virtual event venue , it also asked for live streaming , project management and data analytics . Showcase ’ s own platform Event @ seemed to fulfil the client ’ s requirements due to it being able to add a real live event feel to the virtual events they create . The platform also has the ability to be used in conjunction with Showcase ’ s data analytical software EVENTalytics , another important element in the brief .
Describe the online visitor experience ; how were they engaged , and could you measure this engagement ? Thanks to Event @, Showcase was able to provide a truly engaging experience for the visitors , due to the platform ’ s adaptability . In the case of LGA , they were keen that the conference included disability enablement , live subtitles and an on-demand service . The platform also manages to replicate an actual exhibition venue , an important point for the LGA , this meant that Showcase was able to create a virtual ‘ Green Room ’ which acted as a waiting room for the speakers before they were assigned to relevant sessions .
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