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Building Blocks

The LEGO Group successfully launched their first ever livestreamed LEGO ® CON , designed to connect , interact and enable audiences to access new product launch showcases , as well as a range of products from other parts of LEGO ’ s extensive portfolio , bringing a sense of LEGO community to all fans and families by creating a memorable experience . Encore supported the event , delivering creative and production services .
The LEGO ® Agency set clear objectives . The concept of the event required a feeling of high energy , with the spontaneity of a Saturday morning live kids show . Inaddition , the broadcast needed to provide a ‘ behind-the-scenes ’ look of both the inside and outside of the awesome LEGO ® House , aka the ‘ House of the Brick ’, in Billund , Denmark , with a focus on promoting it as a destination .
A suitable studio environment for broadcasting had to be created for a successful production , all while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the LEGO House . The most significant challenge was to deliver an ambitious show on budget , without compromising on quality .
Client name : LEGO ® Agency Event name : LEGO ® CON 2021 Date of event : 26th June 2021
Location of broadcast : House in Billund , Denmark .
Number of delegates : 182,822 total viewers online
Type : Online conference , experience , activation
The two-hour broadcast was hosted by American YouTuber Michelle Khare and British comedian Melvin Odoom and took the format of a family show , showcasing an array of creativity while sticking to a well-planned agenda , deepening the engagement with audiences . To meet the customer ’ s event objectives , Encore provided the right approach to create and deliver a spectacular event , contributing to the success of LEGO ® CON .
The team created a unique LEGO ® set design that fit perfectly into the very tight area whilst utilising the curves of the existing LEGO ® furniture to maximise the available space for cameras and staging . This added to the unique experience and played a role in providing a comfortable environment for presenters , LEGO designers and special guests , whilst keeping to the look and feel of the brand .
Through clever planning , working closely on the agenda and developing suitable content , the team reduced the number of cameras by accurately measuring the time it took to move equipment from one floor to another within the LEGO ® House . This allowed for a greater allocation of budget to focus on the visual elements , adding further value to the show .
Pete Harding , Head of Creative Technical at Encore said : “ Working to bring together fans from around the world to celebrate this iconic brand was a great experience for us . Producing the first ever LEGO ® CON , was such an exciting challenge and demonstrated the power of virtual events in bringing audiences together in new ways . The broadcast received 182,822 total views and 17,229 questions , demonstrating the high levels of engagement and interactivity throughout the show . Working alongside industry experts like Zest4TV and Groovy Gecko is an excellent example of how we help our customers to connect and inspire through collaboration and innovation .”
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