Digital Event News January 2022 - Page 21

Advertorial case study 21

Video testimonials are a great resource , as they are the truest form of review

sessions in full . These were then individually edited and uploaded as video on-demand content , after the event . One of the important lessons from the pandemic is it ’ s crucial to expand your event reach , and by producing this hybrid element it allows so many more people to be able engage and network , making it a truly global event .
Alongside this , our friendly team approached attendees and speakers throughout the event , to capture video testimonials . Video testimonials are a great resource , as they are the truest form of review - actual attendees and guests giving their experiences on site , what they enjoyed about the event , and why they would recommend the experience to others . These video testimonials make for great promotional resources in the lead-up to the following year ’ s event too .
Finally , each day we created polished , creative and fresh daily overview videos , to be released immediately on social platforms .
We made sure these videos highlighted each element of the event , such as the panel sessions , guest speakers , stalls , networking and of course the joy and excitement of people finally being together again . All these elements were captured and edited together in a dynamic and innovative way to produce two engaging , high energy videos .
Describe the in-person visitor experience ; how were they engaged , and could you measure this engagement ? Our friendly crews approached delegates to ask if they would provide an on-camera testimonial for use in the highlights films . The main aim of our crews is not to apply pressure or take-up too much time . The delegates , more often than not , are happy to provide their view on the show . The fact that the event was so well received also gave them that extra push to rave about it on camera .
How was the online event marketed to the audience ? Through the show website , magazines and social media
Was there any networking opportunity ; how was this delivered ? Yes , we had various people approach us during our time at the event to discuss what we do and it was great to be able to connect and hear about their business interests as well .
If the event was a tradeshow , how did you convince exhibitors to participate ? We do what we always do : approach them with respect and a smile . Exhibitors or delegates always have the option to say no , but generally we find that most are happy to share their thoughts and on-camera take-aways from such events . ■