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January 2021 Partner Content 55
demonstration KDMedia signed up to the Awards Room for a year . They believed the platform would offer them the means to deliver a quality , high profile event , and will provide them with an added dimension to the way they deliver award ceremonies in the future . The Awards Room is intended as a way of enhancing events , allowing them to extend their audience reach to include those who live abroad or who are unable to attend the event in person for other reasons .
The Scottish Home Awards was one of the first to be postponed in 2020 and therefore was the first award ceremony to be hosted using the Awards Room platform .
All events were ticketed with dedicated networking zones , live hosts , entertainment , and video messages which could be watched from the comfort of the attendee ’ s home .
In normal times , KDMedia would host around 600 attendees at the Scottish Home Awards , but in these exceptional times , the business and the event sponsors were delighted to host over 200 paid ticket holders for the hour and 10 minutes show , which Kirsten Speirs , founder and managing director of KDMedia , described as “ phenomenal ”.
One of the major factors contributing to the success of the broadcasts using the Awards Room platform , was the functionality which provides postevent metrics , allowing future events to be refined accordingly , building on the experiences and successes of those that have already taken place . Metrics were provided around who was ‘ in the room ’, when they joined , how active they were in terms of networking with other attendees and their overall levels of engagement .
One key metric that was particularly impressive was a graphic that allowed KDMedia to see how people had interacted around the room . It showed that 95 % of attendees were engaged for the duration of the event , with no drop off at any point . Guests who attended the awards stayed throughout the presentation , a huge testament to the quality of the platform and the show .
Evessio designed the Awards Room to allow sponsors the opportunity of interacting with attendees , gaining a very real return on their investment . The Awards Room allowed eyes on the brand as evidence for the sponsors of audience engagement .
The live shows were broadcast from the stage of Glasgow ’ s biggest ballroom and a regular venue used by KDMedia . The stage was dressed for a glamorous awards show including a full AV rig
“ AROUND SIX LIVE INTERVIEWS WERE PATCHED INTO THE LIVE BROADCAST , FULFILLING THE AMBITION TO PRESENT AN INTERACTIVE LIVE SHOW FORMAT .” for lighting , black star cloth and fully branded stage area . For the attendees , this provided a sense of familiarity and continuity with previous years .
Des Clarke , a Scottish comedian and broadcaster was host for the evening , this year speaking directly to camera rather than a live in-room crowd . As host he engaged the audience and kept the event professional and running smoothly throughout .
Live interviews with winners were set up via Zoom and for attendees viewing the awards ceremony , the production team mixed the live stream screen so both the presenter and winner could be seen at the same time . Around six live interviews were patched into the live broadcast , creating further interest and fulfilling the ambition to present an interactive live show format .
Over a five-week period , KDMedia ran a live show every week and welcomed over 1,000 individuals who had registered to attend , with an average of 200 guests participating , watching , and engaged in real time at each event .
Speirs said : “ The Awards Room provided exactly what we were looking for at a time when we needed a new way of delivering five awards events to keep our events alive in 2020 and to fulfil our obligations to sponsors . The live TV broadcast format really raised the bar in presenting a digital event which was interactive , entertaining , and enjoyable but also in a layout which was familiar for our guests .
“ The Awards Room allowed us to achieve our objectives in creating fun and engaging digital events and move into the world of live TV production . The resulting metrics have provided us with fantastic information for sponsors and we move forward having gained excellent experience as a team which is committed to digital events in the long term .”