Digital Event News January 2021 - Page 49

January 2021

Module 7 : Measuring success

VEI module summary 49
Provide a top line overview of the module and what it covers
I worked on two modules , one on how to monetise your exisiting data which event organisers are rich in and don ’ t always know how best to utilise .
And the second module was on how to set up tracking and reporting and evaluate the success of your marketing and event .
What unique key teachings will students learn during the module that they can ’ t get elsewhere ?
This is the first course I know of dedicated to virtual events , bringing together the people that work on virtual events every day and offering that knowledge and insight in a real-world context .
Top three tips for virtual event organisers
1 . Have clearly defined goals at the beginning , it ’ s a lot easier to hit a target when looking where you are going . 2 . Ensure rock steady tracking from the beginning - conversion tracking & UTM links for all campaigns . 3 . Decide what is your final source of truth in terms of data and stick with it .
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Are virtual events going to feature heavily as part of the event mix going forward ? What evidence have you seen ?
We normally work on about 2,000 events a year and from what we have planned for 2021 about half of these are virtual . We have some clients who are planning a fully virtual 2021 and others who are planning virtual in the first half of 2021 and live from the summer .