Digital Event News January 2021 - Page 25

Why did you select your chosen technology platform ; how did you find the purchase , support and delivery ?
Verint chose to go with Showcase ’ s bespoke online platform because they knew they could rely on them to deliver on all levels . The client thoroughly researched the market , a crowded one , and came to the conclusion that Showcase ’ s offering was the one for them . They had been impressed by the speed at which Showcase had mobilised its existing online event technology in response to the growing virtual market .
Verint ’ s six year relationship with Showcase also cemented their decision , as they had always had an amazing experience with them when they worked on their live events . They were confident that Showcase ’ s production values that they applied to their live events would be carried over to their virtual experiences .
Verint report excellent customer support throughout the event , with the feeling that Showcase was working 24 / 7 throughout the three day event .
“ We have worked with Showcase for over five years . They have always delivered beyond our expectations . We were extremely impressed with how they have adapted and responded so quickly to our needs in this new virtual event world . They surpassed our expectations on every level , creatively , technically and of course customer service . We were apprehensive before we started on this virtual version of the event about how engaging it would be and thanks to Showcase ’ s input we have had nothing but positive feedback about the content and the way it was delivered online .”
Sian Sparkes - Marketing Communications Director , EMEA | Marketing | Verint Systems EMEA
How was the online event marketed to the audience ? Verint promoted the event in a number of ways including :
• E-marketing
• Social media
• Personal emails from the Verint team
Was there any networking opportunity ; how was this delivered ?
Yes there were networking opportunities . Showcase created a 1-2-1 booking system that enabled delegates to have the opportunity to conduct one-to-one sessions with experts . There were also opportunities for customers to meet with other customers .
Did you need to put on a conference programme ; how did you arrange your speakers and what work did you do with them to ensure they were ready ?
Yes to the conference programme , in fact it was one of the most important aspects of planning and organising the online conference . As mentioned previously Verint was concerned about virtual event ‘ fatigue ’, so realised that a dynamic and interesting programme was key to the conference ’ s success .
They enrolled an external keynote speaker to ensure the conference was engaging . They then briefed the experts on their presentations , which in turn were filmed by Showcase . Customers who were presenting were equally well briefed on their requirements and then filmed by Showcase .
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