Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 17

DBM: Which other bead artists do you most admire in the world of beading? ED: Ahhh, the list is so long, I could fill a book! There are so many amazing artists whose work I follow and admire, and there are a lot whom I consider as friends too. My favourites are my fellow “squaddies”: Miriam Shimon www. I love her soutache work, she uses the most amazing colour combinations. I am a true fan of her, I wear her earrings almost every day. Apollinariya Koprivnik http://www. I think I like her work because she designs with the same elements and techniques as me - our style is a bit similar. But she is much more brave with colours. I always find very exciting new details in her jewellery, I would wear them anytime! Helena Tang Lim She makes bold but delicate work that you must admire! I wish I could be that patient and persistent when using seed beads! DBM: What does the future hold – any creative goals moving forward? ED: I wish I had more time to make big, complex jewellery! I love a good beady challenge that forces me to come up with new ideas. I want to teach more abroad, I want to meet beaders all around the world. I have so many bead friends everywhere, it would be fun to meet all of them. One day I hope I will have enough time to make another book. And of course I hope – in a few years – this will be my full-time “job”. Visit Eva online at