Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 15

DBM: What do you most enjoy about the creative process? And also, what do you least enjoy? ED: I love when the beads talk to me – there are some which tell you right in the shop what they want to be. What do I enjoy the least? Repetition! Queen of half pair of earrings - or half pair of earrings turned into pendants or rings instead of making the other half! DBM: Do you have favourite colours or colour combos to work with? ED: Any metal colours, turquoise, pinks, fuchsia are my fav colours. I don’t really know why, but I have a lot of purples too (though I don’t even like it). DBM: Do you have favourite bead shapes or components to create with? ED: My all-time favourites are the fire-polished beads - round, donut, drops – anything. I love the two-hole beads, they are the best for dimensional pieces. But, what I like is diversity. I love to combine lot of shapes in my designs, the more the better. I really enjoy all the new shapes factories have come up with in the last couple of years. It’s not easy to keep up - but that is one struggle I don’t mind! DBM: Do you have a favourite creation? ED: Usually it is always the last one - until I came up with a much better idea! DBM: Where do you draw your creative inspiration from? ED: Shapes - the beads, geometry. Colours - also the beads, sometimes bead table accidents, my students work – they sometimes come up with unexpected but beautiful combinations. DBM: What’s your favourite beading stitch? (we won’t tell the other stitches ;) ED: It is absolutely the RAW with two needles! And I don’t mind if you tell them, but I hate peyote stitch sorry! J DBM: How does beading fit into your life? ED: I live in a quiet town just at the borders of Budapest (our capital city) with my family - my husband and my two daughters. I still have a full-time job, so my beading hours are very limited. My family is very supportive, they help me a lot. After work, school, family time I usually have time for beading after 8pm till I drop. I usually sleep only 5-6 hrs (that is way beyond when you can still call it beautysleep! Of course I have to squeeze not only beadin,g but drawing, writing, kitting, etc, into these few hours. My muse is not really aware of my schedule, she comes and goes as she wishes. I have more ideas than free time, so usually it is not a problem to find something to bead.