Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 13

DBM: Your 2013 BOTB piece was another favourite of mine – the colours and the 3-dimensionality of that piece was just so incredibly decadent and full of elegance! Tell us about how you put this design together – did you visualise the finished piece or did it come together as you worked? ED: I fell in love with the strange triangle crystals despite their colours (dark iris blue and iris purple), so those were the kick starter elements. I played with them a lot - it was not easy to find the perfect bezel for them but finally I used Czech Size 9/0 seeds and RAW. Then, I found those cute silk flowers and beautiful lacy ribbons. I knew I want to use them together, but I had no idea how, except that I wanted to make something asymmetric. So, I just made lots of elements with the triangles and crystal rivolis