Digital Beading Magazine Issue 15 - Page 12

DBM: Was the clasp drape part of the original design? It’s stunning! ED: The clasp and the drape were result of a sudden decision. The round button with the crystals was a gift from a friend of mine. The rest of the clasp is a collection of the failed elements from the experimenting phase! Recycling - or was I just too lazy to cut them apart? The button is only a decoration - the closure is a hook-and-eye type of clasp. DBM: And your daughter has been the perfect model for your BOTB pieces! Does she enjoy the experience? ED: This was the second time Lili “had” to model for me. I think she enjoyed the photo shoot but not the preparation. We photographed over two afternoons. On day one it took more than an hour just to curl her hair – she has LOTS of hair! And this is the only time that she has been allowed to wear make up. The biggest challenge was to find clothes for her. Secret codeword – bobby pins. A lot of them! This year will be easier now that she is almost as tall as me - so she can wear clothes from the womens departments.