DIG Insurance & Business Magazine Fall 2020 - Page 6

Amid The Pandemic , Businesses Were Challenged To Abruptly Rethink , Revise , And Reimagine How To Sustain And Thrive .

Pivot . Adapt . Overcome .

Amid The Pandemic , Businesses Were Challenged To Abruptly Rethink , Revise , And Reimagine How To Sustain And Thrive .

When the going gets

tough , entrepreneurialminded owners capture opportunity in times of chaos . To stay successful , businesses have to be wildly flexible and reach beyond their comfort zones to adapt , innovate , and overcome unprecedented challenges .
Here , we ’ d like to showcase three Deeley Insurance Group clients who are staying relevant and resilient while supporting their community during these months of need .


When Plak That started as a grassroots printing company making woodboard mementos , Wyatt Harrison was operating out of his Ocean City garage .
Soon after , his business evolved into producing commercial signs , tap handles , point-of-sale displays , trophies , and awards . Because Plak That has flat-bed printing capabilities and a CNC router , the business services a niche . “ This allows us to cut shapes and maximize our yield and efficiencies ,” Harrison says of the technology .
When the pandemic hit , large corporate orders were put on hold . Bars and restaurants temporarily closed and cancelled orders for tap handles . Businesses with scheduled renovation projects called to say they were not moving forward with signage right away .
Harrison looked at the ample acrylic material on his shelves that would not be put to use for awards or trophies . Then he plugged into the maker and printing communities , discovering how creative entrepreneurs were leveraging their inventory and equipment to help the community .
Plak That introduced plexiglass and acrylic sneeze guards , along with clear partitions customized for businesses . The CNC machine allows for making pass-throughs and holes for hanging the barriers . Plak That donated hundreds of guards to firefighters , the Ocean City Police Department , and healthcare professionals .
The new line of products allowed Plak That to continue operating . “ We were able to keep our lights on while providing products that help local businesses and others stay safe ,” Harrison says .
Meanwhile , Harrison returned to his roots of mementos and décor , and the influx of online shopping has driven his e-commerce numbers . He says , “ It ’ s going through the roof , and we are already gearing up for the holiday season .”