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Stay Safe At Work And Home With Cybersecurity Protection .

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Stay Safe At Work And Home With Cybersecurity Protection .

If you own a house , you naturally have homeowners ’ insurance to protect your property . ( Check .)

If you drive a vehicle , you have car insurance . There ’ s just no question . ( Check .)
You maintain health insurance to defray the cost of medical expenses and protect you and family members should you need emergency care . ( Check .)
But how are you protecting yourself in today ’ s digital world ? For many of us , our workspaces are in the home and our meetings happen online . With social distancing , many of us have logged on to a Zoom happy hour , birthday party , or graduation event by now . Not to mention that e-learning in the wake of the pandemic requires bandwidth . Do you have cyber protection to secure your personal and business information ?
If you ’ ve checked the boxes for protecting your home , vehicle , and health but are overlooking the exposures we face daily due to our reliance on the internet , now ’ s the time to plan and protect your digital environment . The good news is you don ’ t have to do this alone , and there are accessible resources to guide the process .
If you were visiting an unfamiliar place , you would watch for street traffic and tune into your surroundings , proceeding with caution . This same approach is necessary in the digital world . Be cognizant of where you are and who you interact with online . Fraud is rampant amid COVID-19 , with the Federal Trade Commission reporting that Americans have lost about $ 77 million due to cyber fraud during the coronavirus crisis . So :
• Avoid blindly clicking on links in emails . Safety first !
• Behave online as you would in uncharted territory .
• Don ’ t accept online invitations from unknown parties . We tell our children to watch out for strangers . That ’ s good advice online as well .
Whether you ’ re working remotely or in an office , cybersecurity is a critical tool . Just as you need a computer and internet connection , you should have cyber protection in place to guard the data you ’ re transferring via the cloud or company networks . You also need a plan .
• Communicate with your team about the importance of internet safety and awareness while working online .
• Be sure you have the hardware and software in place to support remote and in-office business . Don ’ t forget two-factor authentication when available ! A virtual Chief Technology Officer ( CTO ) can help as a third-party resource for businesses that do not have in-house IT staff , addressing security measures like firewalls and antivirus programs to prevent malware and bad actors from compromising data .
• If your business handles consumer information — such as Personal Identifiable Information ( PII ) or credit / debit card numbers — how will you protect this data from fraudsters ? A CTO or insurance advisor can help you plan for a potential breach so you can react quickly in worst-case scenarios .
The whole family is online all the time , for recreation , for education , and for work responsibilities . Even our doctors ’ appointments are happening online with the rise in telehealth . With the increase in phishing scams and hacking attempts , cybersecurity has never been more important . Remember :
• Cyber insurance isn ’ t just for businesses . Personal insurance policies should include cybercoverage to help protect personal information .
• Cyber-attack coverage protects you against the financial consequences of personal online attacks ( such as cyberbullying ) on social media and attacks against the integrity of your home system .
• October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month . Make a commitment to review your insurance policy and update coverage to include the protection you and your family need to safely work , learn , and meet online . +
Linda Roskovich is the Director of Operations at Deeley Insurance Group and has been a part of the Deeley team for one year . She has over 30 years of experience in management , marketing and technology with Fortune 500 companies within the food service and consumer products goods industries . Linda has a Bachelor ’ s degree in Information Systems and a Master ’ s degree in Business , which contributes to her success in helping businesses use technology to be efficient and effective . She lives in Salisbury with her husband and spends her summers in Ocean City , where her three daughters and their friends visit often . 410-213-5631 lroskovich @ deeleyinsurance . com