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As any parent knows , kids can be relentless questioners . “ Why , why , why …” While this curiosity is important for their development , at times it can be tortuous and usually ends with , “ Because I said so , stop asking so many questions !” Nobody wins in these scenarios . Trust me , I ’ ve been there .
I found a great way to turn these interrogations into collective fun is by using artificial intelligence . Also , let ’ s be frank , I didn ’ t know the answers to many of my kindergartner ’ s questions .
Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) sounds complex , but there are numerous devices utilizing AI you are already familiar with : Amazon Echo ( Alexa ), Apple HomePod , Google Home Mini , and many others .
When a question comes up in our household , we simply ask our device :
• “ How many red stripes are on the American flag ?”
• “ How old is Dumbledore ?”
• “ Why is the sky blue ?”
The key is to ask the questions together , as a family . While your particular device might not have all the answers , it sometimes provides hilarious and memorable moments for the family . Most importantly , you and your children will be learning together , often while still getting your chores done around the house .
You can have fun with quizzes as well . Some of our favorites have been world capitals , Jeopardy , kids trivia , and Harry Potter trivia . Our five-year-old enjoys kids trivia games while we make pancakes together . Did you know that dogs suffer from narcolepsy , too ?
In the end , a kid ' s curiosity should be celebrated and explored , and it is a great reminder for us adults to continue to be curious about the world around us .
Being well rested always makes me a better parent ; better at everything actually . Your kids being well rested will also make parenting easier . “ Wow , he ’ s pretty cranky . He had waaay too much sleep last night ,” said no parent , ever .
Though we shouldn ’ t use technology while in our bed , we should have technology in our bed . Yes , a smart bed . Smart beds , among many benefits , help track your sleep patterns to optimize them over time . My bed of choice is the Sleep Number 360 . It has helped me so much that I thought my kids would benefit from smart beds as well , and they are . They get their best night ’ s rest on the Sleep Number K2 bed .
It also helps me track their sleep patterns , so they are optimally rested . An unforeseen benefit is when I travel , I feel better connected with them as I can see when they are going to bed and getting up in the middle of the night . They also have fun adjusting their sleep number ( firmness of the bed ) to get it to their desired “ unicorn rainbow lollipop " state .
You can use any learning app or website of your choice : ABCmouse , EdX . org , Khan Academy , and many more .
The key is picking one where you and your child can learn together . For example , my kids and I use Duolingo to learn Spanish together . While we still use physical Spanish flashcards , cook Spanish dishes , and listen to Spanish music , using this app is also good family learning time . Best of all , Duolingo , along with most of the apps / websites I mentioned , is FREE .
My hope is that by making your home smarter , it will also create more opportunities for family time . After all , isn ’ t that what life is all about ? +
The No . 1 Best-selling Author and Motivational Speaker Erik Qualman has inspired audiences in over 50 countries and reached over 30 million people in the last decade .
His Socialnomics work has been featured everywhere from 60 Minutes to the Wall Street Journal and used by organizations as diverse as the National Guard and NASA . His book Digital Leader propelled him to be voted the second Most Likeable Author in the World ( behind Harry Potter ’ s J . K . Rowling !) Qualman was formerly a sitting professor at Harvard and MIT ’ s edX labs .
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