Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 3 2019 - Page 27

PARTICIPATION DR. TRACY SARMIENTO key goals: optimal training, optimal Education Committee Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (PARO) Representative working conditions, and optimal What is your role on the Education Committee? provide input on matters of education My role on this Committee is to represent the interests of all doctors training in Ontario for certification in a RCPSC or CFPC specialty. At PARO, we champion the issues that create conditions for residents to be their best and ensure optimal patient care. We have determined that to fulfill transitions. With this in mind, my role has been to ensure residents’ perspectives are heard. I have had the chance to learn about, review and in the province, including undergrad and post grad education matters and continuing professional development programs. Throughout my time on this Committee, I have come to realize the importance of having residents contribute to the work of the College by providing their unique insights and experience. this mission we must achieve three DR. ROBERT BYRICK Premises Inspection Committee (PIC) Member Anesthesiology What do you most enjoy about being a member of PIC? As with most College Committees, it is a pleasure to interact with physicians from many disciplines, public members, nurse assessors and staff, who all have a focus on safety. As someone who has worked in Out of Hospital Premises (OHPs) as well as the hospital, I know that unexpected adverse events will occur and they are particularly challenging to manage in isolated environments. I enjoy the challenge of ensuring that when these events occur, staff can mitigate the effect on patients. We do this through maintaining standards that ensure that the caregivers have the knowledge and skills to manage these events and the equipment and drugs to minimize impact. One of the more important roles of PIC, in my view, is the ongoing analysis of adverse event reports to determine if the standards can be improved. It is not a static process. As the health-care system evolves and ‘Guidelines to Practice’ in many specialties change, our standards have to adjust. MD ISSUE 3, 2019 DIALOGUE 27