Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 3 2019 - Page 16

FOR YOUR INFORMATION NOSM | EMNO @thenosm October 1 2019 Congratulations to Dr. Mark Spiller, NOSM Assistant Professor, recipient of @cpso_ca Council Award. Dr. Spiller is the Chief of Staff at the #KirklandLake and District Hospital, where he also serves as the Chief of Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. #CPSOCouncilAward From our Twitter Feed @cpso_ca Kristal @7Evenso October 2 2019 Congrats to Dr. Spiller! Thankful to have you in our community, your knowledge and compassion over the years has been so crucial in the medical emergencies our family has had to go through Paul Taylor @epaultaylor One of the greatest shortcomings with healthcare in Canada is that far too many patients fall through cracks in the system. New @cpso_ca policies hope to protect #patients from harm. By @NightShiftMD via @ CarolynShimmin #cdnhealth CPSO @cpso_ca Sept 28 2019 Thanks for having us at the #MedExpo, @OMSW2019! It was so great speaking to so many bright and talented medical students, who will soon help shape our healthcare system! #onhealth #omsw #omsw2019 Austin Yan @austnyan Sept 20 2019 Had the opportunity today to represent @OMSAofficial at today's @ cpso_ca council meeting! Students are an important part of the medical care team! Happy that this partnership has begun and hope it strengthens over the coming years! Ontario Palliative Medicine @PallMedON Sept 23 2019 TY @cpso_ca for making critically important and timely updates to policy re: Planning/Providing for Quality End of Life Care. Emphasis on good communication and standard of care re: CPR as well as early integration of #palliative care and ACP James Downar @jamesdownar Sept 22 2019 Appreciate @cpso_ca working quickly to update this policy- more concise and clear for MDs. Resuscitative efforts will be determined by standard of care. Also clarified specific role of Consent and Capacity Board, whose mandate may not apply in many of these cases. Cathy Faulds @fauldsca Sept 25 2019 Primary care rocks! @dpepe88 @annafoat continue to make e referral in London Middlesex a reality for the community sector, specialists and diagnostics! Practical improvements in patient care. Patients can follow the referrals and it meets new @cpso_ca policy. Janice Kwan @KwanJanice Sept 26 2019 Hot off the presses, much welcomed provincial policy on test result management. https://cpso.on.ca/Physicians/Policies-Guidance/ Policies/Managing-Tests The critical next step: how to develop systems ensuring reliable implementation. @PMCram and I outlined some ideas in @BMJ_Qual_ Saf awhile back: https://t.co/3WXGMRwX4v?amp=1 https://twitter.com/KwanJanice/status/1177264326077534210 16 DIALOGUE ISSUE 3, 2019