Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 3 2019 | Page 9

FEATURE Continuity of Care Extended consultation leads to substantial changes to all four inter-related policies W e asked. You responded. We listened. The result is four inter- related continuity of care policies that better reflect the realities of practice, while retaining important require- ments of the profession that further our goal of ensuring patient safety. As the burden on the health-care system increases, the information exchange across different parts of the health- care system becomes increasingly important. The discussions generated by our extended six month consultation – in which we heard from individual practising physicians, a patient advisory group, physician leaders, key stake- holder organizations representing physicians, service providers, and individual members of the public – led us to make substantial changes to all four of the continuity of care policies. The changes found favour with Council, who approved the policies at its September meeting. “These policies have been a long time in the making – work began in June 2016 – but its been worth every minute of effort,” said Dr. ISSUE 3, 2018 DIALOGUE 9