Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 - Page 5

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Colleagues: Peeter Poldre, MD College President Your input gave us clear direction in a number of different areas O ver the last two months, I’ve had the unique privilege to speak at several convocations to con- gratulate this year’s graduates on their academic achievement and to welcome them to the profes- sion of medicine. I encouraged them to seek role models and mentors who would guide them in taking care of themselves, while at the same time teach- ing them to strive for excellence in taking care of patients. I reminded them that despite the diversity of our patients, they all share a fundamental vulnerabil- ity, that of their health-related anxiety, stress, pain or disability. Just as our medical school graduates are experiencing a new beginning, this College is also experiencing a time of renewal. In May, Council approved a new Strategic Plan that will set the College’s direction for the next several years. The plan was informed by a robust engagement process, with hundreds of in-person sessions and 6,000 survey responses from physicians, members of the public and health-system organizations. The inclusion of broad stakeholder perspectives was critical to ensuring the Col- lege’s Strategic Plan was focused on the right priorities, as well as reflecting an understanding of the change in the current environment. Your input gave us clear direc- tion in a number of different areas including – our mandate, right-touch regulation, inves- tigations, our communications and our relationships with the public, health-system partners, and with physicians. So I thank you all for taking the time out of your busy sched- ules to provide such thoughtful feedback. It is deeply appreci- ated and was critical in paving the path forward. With our new Mission – Serving the People of Ontario ISSUE 2, 2019 DIALOGUE 5