Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 - Page 42

PRACTICE PARTNER Strategies for "Door Knob" syndrome Dr. Sheila Laredo, the College’s Chief Medical Advisor, un- many physicians’ offices ask that patients state the prin- derstands the frustration of “door knob syndrome,” those cipal reason for their visit upon scheduling appointments. late-breaking questions that patients ask about a clinical They can also provide patients with a form in the wait- concern just as they head out the office door. ing room asking them to list their concerns prior to their visit with the physician. This not only gives patients an “It is usually the question the patient had been wanting opportunity to list all of their issues, but also gives them a to ask, but had to build up the nerve to ask. I was taught moment to reflect upon their health concerns so that they in school to never ignore that ‘hand on the door knob’ can express them more clearly and coherently during the question or concern,” she said. But she acknowledged encounter with their physician. that their timing could be a source of frustration for the doctor, who had thought the interview with the patient Another strategy, said Dr. Laredo, is for the doctor to sim- was finished. ply get into the habit of asking the question at the begin- ning of each visit – what are you most concerned about She encourages physicians to use other strategies that today? This encourages open communication at the could prompt patients to speak up earlier. Physicians, for outset, and importantly, enables the physician to prioritize example, can use support staff to make the triaging and the investigation and treatment based on a better picture prioritization of concerns more efficient. Support staff in of the patient's symptoms. MD Nominate a colleague, or yourself, for the opportunity to improve and strengthen your profession. Do you know a physician who shows initiative, shares knowledge and inspires performance? Are you interested in educational and rewarding experiences that will challenge you and enhance your professional career? Then we want to hear from you! On Friday, November 22, 2019 the College will host its 8th annual Future Leaders’ Day event in Toronto. We’re looking for doctors who want to take a leadership role in medical regulation! If you or a colleague are interested, send us your nominations! Contact Nawaz Pirani, Senior External Relations Coordinator, at 416-967-2600 ext. 765/ or email him at npirani@cpso.on.ca. The deadline for nominations is August 30, 2019, and space is limited to 35 participants. 42 DIALOGUE ISSUE 2, 2019