Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 - Page 15

REPORTS FROM COUNCIL Council sets path with Strategic Plan C An overview of the discussions and decisions made at the May Council meeting. ouncil has set the Col- lege’s direction for the years 2020-2025, with the approval of a new Strategic Plan. This plan will guide CPSO Council, management and staff in moving forward as we con- tinue our work to fulfill our public interest mandate. respectful, and responsive • We will demonstrate professional- ism and excellence • We value communication and compassion New Mission: Dr. Nancy Whitmore, College Regis- trar/CEO, presented to Council the following key performance indicators: • The number of business days it takes the College to contact a complainant has dropped from 21 days to two days within one year; • The percentage of files completed has increased 73% in 2019 • There has been an 150% increase in cases resolved through early resolution; • The time to complete a complaint decreased by 32% (greater than 100 days) in the fourth quarter of 2018 compared to the first quarter of 2018. Serving the People of Ontario Through Effective Regulation of Medical Doctors New Vision: Trusted Doctors Providing Great Care Strategic Priorities: • Right-Touch Regulation • Quality Care • Meaningful Engagement • System Collaboration • Continuous Improvement Regulatory Principles: • We commit to be accountable, We have an article about the new Strategic Plan on page 32. Registrar/CEO’s Report ISSUE 2, 2019 DIALOGUE 15