Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 | Page 13

FEATURE Prescribing Drugs Policy proposals address key areas of confusion, uncertainty W e are proposing some changes to one of our most frequently accessed policies. And we want you to let us know what you think. The draft policy now out for consultation is an update of the current Prescribing Drugs policy, and retains the majority of the current policy’s mandatory expectations. However, In keeping with the policy redesign strategy, the draft has been developed with a focus on clar- ity, directness, and brevity. In fact, it is 70% shorter than the current policy. The policy redesign strategy reflects the “keep it simple” approach inherent in right-touch regulation. We believe that avoiding complexity will lead to greater impact. “I anticipate and hope that this consulta- tion will generate a lot of feedback, and I ex- pect that much of it will be very constructive and go on to inform the finished product,” said Dr. Scott Wooder, chair of the Prescrib- ing Drugs policy working group. Dr. Wooder said he is particularly inter- ested in finding out what the consultation participants think of the readability of the proposed policy. “We have really made an ef- fort to shorten the policy and make it more direct. And I would like to know if people can follow it better, if the expectations are ISSUE 2, 2019 DIALOGUE 13