Dialogue Volume 15 Issue 1 2019 | Page 19

CLOSE UP Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Sheila Laredo brings her experience as a health-care leader, advocate and teacher to her new role at the College L Q&A ate last year, Dr. Sheila Laredo, a health-care leader recognized for her evidence-based advocacy and teaching excellence, joined the Col- lege as its first Chief Medical Advisor. The endocrinologist, who was chief of staff at Women’s College Hospital (WCH) for five years, has built a distinguished reputation for her expertise in health advocacy, social justice policy, and physician training initiatives. In fact, in her role at WCH, she was critical to the development of a domestic violence learning module for physicians and other health-care professionals. At the College, Dr. Laredo will be leading the team of Medical Advisors (MAs), a group of doctors who have become more tightly inte- grated into the work of the College. Recently, we spoke to Dr. Laredo about her role at the College. ISSUE 1, 2019 DIALOGUE 19